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+ My mate Jamie and I were featured on the front page of the Bendigo Advertiser talking about our battles with Testicular Cancer [Click Here]. This was unexpected. Just thought we were gonna get a small snippet somewhere just before the classifieds. Did they do that? No! They gave us a 3 page write-up including an editorial! [Click Here to read]. A lot of crazy stuff has come out of this article, including phone calls and emails from people sharing their battle with T.C.

+ Shameless plug: Our foundation is on Twitter, Facebook, and Online.

+ Yes I’m bald. People like to joke about it to me, and seem pretty proud of themselves for rehashing their gags. It’s like I didn’t realise I lost my hair. I’m actually working on growing my eyebrows to their full length so I can comb them back.

+ Footy Season is back. Whose gonna be this years premiers?


Hi all,

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you will all know that I have been working with a friend of mine at starting a Testicular Cancer Campaign called The BlueBall Foundation. We’re currently giving away a free $10 Telstra Bigpond Music Voucher as a way to of saying thank you for helping us promote our cause.

The foundation has pretty much taken up all my free time away from posting this blog aswell as trying recover fully. I’m happy to  say I’m back to where I was before I had my cancer!

I have added my story onto the website. Click here to read. In the two weeks since our Facebook page has launched we’ve already had a lot of positive feedback and encouragement. We’ve also been contacted by people who tracked us down looking for encouragement and who want to network with us. It’s really exciting!

Guest Blogger: David Haas

Today I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine. His name is David Haas. David is from the Mesothelioma cancer Alliance, a great organisation that raise awareness and share stories about those affected by Mesothelioma cancer.


Exercise Aids Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Keeping physically active and eating a nutritious diet are the best ways to stay healthy and prevent many infections and chronic conditions. But what about if you are already sick? Most medical doctors will say light exercise can be productive when experiencing flu-like symptoms, but it can actually cause damage during fevers. The common wisdom has been to exercise only if the body feels up for it, no matter the illness. Research, however, has shown definitively that a regular exercise program can offer benefits for patients with many chronic diseases, including cancer.

How Much Exercise is Best During Cancer Treatment?

With exercise and diet, the optimum routine varies between individuals and treatment types. One study shows the efficacy of establishing a walking program for breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. Walking was found to help manage common symptoms, such as emotional distress, fatigue and insomnia. This is comparable to what is known about the effects of exercise on healthy individuals, namely stress reduction and metabolic regulation through building lean muscle.

Patients were observed during a 14-week endurance-training program following surgery for non-small cell lung cancer. Contrary to popular belief that lung surgery greatly inhibits the amount of exercise possible, patients in the high-intensity program received the same benefits attributed to exercise for healthy adults. A physical fitness expert who tailored the program to each individual encouraged the safety of patients, and their motivation to stay with the program, with supervision.

Though the research is lagging on the many types of cancer, most research organizations agree that establishing an exercise program is important for every cancer patients. Even terminal patients with mesothelioma or brain cancer will see improvement in quality of life and reduction of symptoms from the cancer and treatment.

What Type of Exercise is Safest?

Though everyone says exercise is a good idea, most research has focused on either walking or endurance training. Few studies have been performed to determine whether benefits extend to other forms. There has been an increasing call for fitness experts to be included in cancer treatment programs, because this is the best way to maintain patient safety and maximize exercise effectiveness. Fitness experts working with mesothelioma doctors, for instance, are in the best position to make safe programs available, from range-of-motion therapy to water aerobics. All types of exercise offer benefits, and the choice ultimately depends on collaboration and personal preference.

You can follow David on Twitter: @HaasBlaag, and his blog: http://haasblaag.blogspot.com

Happy New Year

Hey all. Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best.

I want to let you all know that my friend comedian friend Jamie and I have decided to do something about raising the profile of men’s health and have started a Facebook page called Secret Blokes Business. We were both affected by cancer and wanted to do something about it.

We know that some issues such as testicular cancer can be prevented if you don’t sit on your hands and do something about it.

In short, Ignoring depression and cancer does not make the issue go away.

That’s why we started Secret Blokes Business.

FYI, The page is a work in progress. So excuse the mess.

Best news ever

Hi everyone. I thought I’d share some exciting news for those who don’t follow me on Twitter. Yesterday I met with the Oncologist and I won’t have to go through chemo. Fortunately it’s just scans and a blood test every couple of months!

Cancer can go and get stuffed.

Went and seen the Amish Christmas lights tonight

‘Nothing’ says Christmas like…

Merry Christmas